I liked the prequels. Lots of things wrong with them to be sure, but still plenty of nice world building, and nicely crafted eye candy to make them worth watching. I thing the Empire Strikes Back , and my thoughts about Return of the Jedi are the same as the prequels, but I still hate those stupid Ewoks. » 9/15/14 3:51pm Monday 3:51pm

A small nitpick, the the Silver Age of comics didn't actually start until 1956 with DC's reboot of The Flash. The Golden Age was that first round of superhero comics from 1938 to the early 50s that included the time when Batman was gun-happy. » 9/12/14 6:05pm Friday 6:05pm

Nor am I. Unlike the previous generation that was raised on the idea that blocks of text were an archaic media in an age of television and telephones, this is a generation that grew up in a world where being able to communicate via the written word (like we're doing now) is an essential part of everyday life. Little… » 9/11/14 9:29am Thursday 9:29am

I'm going to nominate the 1923 Chevrolet Model C, featuring an aircooled engine that never worked right. Only 1000 were built, and of those, 100 were actually sold, and all be 2 were recalled and destroyed. The Vega was a rousing success by comparison. » 9/09/14 1:02pm 9/09/14 1:02pm

You wouldn't necessarily need to get rid of the existing government to take over. The Shoguns kept the Imperial court in place, but created their own bureaucracy that actually governed the country. Corporations could have their own housing for their own workers, who are paid in company currency to use in company… » 9/04/14 9:43am 9/04/14 9:43am

My reasons for liking an older are purely nostalgic. My first exposure the Doctor Who was the John Pertwee, and the pre-reboot Doctors were elder figures, so as much fun as Smith, Tennant and Eccleston were, I like the idea of having a "proper" Doctor again. » 9/04/14 12:14pm 9/04/14 12:14pm

The one that bugs me the most is in the otherwise excellent District 9. Prawn tech only works when used by a Prawn. However, the substance that powers Prawn tech turns you into a Prawn, thereby giving you the ability to use that tech. Seems like a pretty glaring hole in your security. » 9/02/14 3:01pm 9/02/14 3:01pm

No, we haven't. It used to be that the US Soviet conflict was considered the big, insoluble crisis, and we came out on the other side of that, but there are always going to be new conflicts, and new problems. I have enough faith in humanity to think we can deal with just about anything that gets thrown at us, but… » 9/01/14 1:44pm 9/01/14 1:44pm